Our Story

It all started when our little baby was born in late 2016, inspired the creation of My little Marshmallow (his 1st nickname). Having trouble finding what we were looking for, and as designers, we decided to create our own items.


My Little Marshmallow was founded in 2017 in Lebanon, with a vision of building the best baby world, products and services with worldwide fast shipping.
We are professional baby photographer, the leading in the region, we capture all of your baby’s important milestones including newborn, first year, birthdays, …
Also, we create 3D life casting souvenirs for the baby’s hand and foot (keepsake).

Our products consist of baby shower, hand made souvenirs, tetine and teethers, Montessori and eco friendly toys, room decoration, clothes, dolls, and much more! Making us an international destination for customized baby items.
We get inspiration every day to create unique designs.
Our manufacturers have ethical certification, to make sure they stick to natural and organic materials certainly non-toxic for your precious little ones!